Monday, December 12, 2011

The Write Memories

To all my loyal readers−wait, do I have loyal readers?? haha−my blog will take on a more serious tone this week.  Bear with me.  I will return with my riotous good-humoured musings next week.

Last week in my blog, The Write Celebration, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek lament about my birthdays being a non-issue.  As it turns out, family and friends have many plans for me this week.  I am ecstatic.  The kick off to my birthday week began on Saturday......................

Many of you have anticipated this blog since our ill-fated dinner party Saturday night.  Truthfully, the calamity left me feeling physically ill.  I felt sick for my son and his wife.  They orchestrated a wonderful birthday celebration for me with friends and family.  Our treatment and the service at the ‘newly refurbished’ restaurant was revolting.

After thinking long and hard over the last day or so, I decided that the pompous little prince with his arrogant bad manners did not deserve any more time than the four hours we spent in ‘his establishment’. 

Having worked with the public most of my life and having a sincere love for people, I remain shocked at the appalling behaviour.  I am embarrassed for the owner and astounded that someone in public service could be that obnoxious and disrespectful. 

However, this morning I shed the gloom and re-read my birthday greetings.  I opened one of the classical CD’s and the musical notes immediately calmed me. 

I read my granddaughter’s note − I Love You Nana written in typical four-year-old fashion.  A tear obscured the upside down ‘u’ and one backward ‘N’. She printed Sophie below the message in her endearing scrawl.  Any grandmother would feel the way I do.  I should frame this card, or at the very least keep it on the table beside the bed.

I admired the writer’s bag my talented friend, Becky, designed and filled with pens, markers, notebooks, and her special wine.  Surrounded by the loving thoughtfulness of my family and friends, the distasteful memories of the Saturday fiasco faded from my mind. 

Delicate woodland fairies, scented candles, luxurious guest towels− Sheila and John, you know me so well.  Scores of lottery tickets – sorry but no cruises in the immediate future - wine, a delectable cream liquor (white chocolate−thank you Kathy and Barry), a loving plaque from my sister Ruth – I am sorry that you could not be with us but I understand - and, of course, the music that I am presently enjoying. 

Brodie, thank you for the celebration.  You caught me totally unaware.  Now, how often has that actually happened??  Marv, I cannot believe you did not let the secret slip. 

Of course, I cried when I arrived and saw my family and friends at the table.  I cried when they sang happy birthday.  I cried when I opened the gifts and I cried when I read the card from Brodie and Monika.  Thank you, Monika, for being my daughter. 

Yes, you guessed it, I am crying now.

So, don’t be disappointed that I did not give that uncouth little peacock what he deserves.  My focus is on what you deserve.  I love all of you.  This is a milestone birthday I will always remember and for all the right reasons. 


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