Monday, February 20, 2012

The Write Soulmate

This is not the only lifetime you have spent together.  You first met in Ancient Greece. 

She spoke quietly but with conviction.  Her eyes moved beneath closed lids as she fingered the gold ring in her grasp. 

The psychic rivalled the best storytellers.  She had my attention.  Although I could not keep the scepticism out of my expression when she began the reading, my smirk soon faded.

You were a writer and as a woman could not get anything published.  Ah, yes, my novel.  I immediately thought of my novel.  Your lover gave your work to male friends who published it under their names.  

My writing??  Is this a coincidence?  How could she know?  Sceptics say that psychics read our body language.  What was I doing to reveal my passion for writing?

Was I really a writer in Ancient Greece?  Wait a minute, if I have been writing that long, why have I not mastered the technique of finding a publisher.  My novel manuscript sits at the edge of my desk, haunting and taunting.

The psychic went on to say that my husband and I lived several lifetimes together, including a time in southern Italy working the olive groves.  We were happy there.  We lived to an old age and our eight children settled in all corners of the world.  However, in that lifetime he was the female.  Good switchup considering the number of childbirths!

That evening, I shared this saga with Marv and we both had a great laugh.  So that’s why we love that’s why we love Italian food...ah, the passion...  We laugh; we cannot help but laugh.

In another lifetime in England− it was in 1890, or did she say1893−I wrote a newsletter or tabloid and ran a printing press.  My enthusiasm for writing kept coming through in the spiritual reading, as did my soulmate.  He was always there for me as he is today.  Well, there was one lifetime that he was not there.  I will save that story for another day.  In addition, she offered much insight into my childhood(s).  I will save that for another day as well.

Do I believe?  I don’t know.  It definitely gave me pause for thought.  We have all experienced odd moments.  Think about this.  Have you ever felt an instant connection with a person you just met?  Someone who could complete your thoughts, finish your sentences.  Someone you saw across the room that made your heart race a little faster.

Examine your own life.  With whom do you feel the closest?  Could he or she have been a lover, a brother, or a mother, in a previous life?  Have you ever met a small child that everyone described as being an old soul?  I have.  Have you ever been astounded by someone with an unnatural maturity and insight?  Think hard.

We have all met people that after a few moments, we feel like we have known them forever.  Have we?  Have we known them forever?

I think back to my first date with Marv.  After the first five minutes, during which time I felt the need to tell him that I was not looking for a relationship and that I− oops, sorry, another story− I did feel very comfortable in his presence.  It was a blind date.  One that we both resisted for weeks.  A mutual friend trying to ‘fix us up’.  That is so another story.

Nevertheless, I was astounded from that first date, how anyone in the world could think and feel the same way as I do.  We just clicked!  It was a magical moment.  Really?  Was it magic?  How many times in past lives had our souls united? 

By the way, getting back to our first meeting in Ancient Greece, Marv... er... Arsenios, or whatever his name was then, became my lover.  When I was a small child, my impoverished family sold me to an old man−or so the story goes.  Apparently, I remained bitter that my family would keep my brothers and sell me.  Family discord,and yes, another story.

After many years of being married to an aging man that I detested, Arsenios and I began an affair.  Hmmm...interesting.  I bore his daughter.  The old man−my husband−thought the baby was his.  I told you this psychic was a great storyteller.  Alas, my lover could not have me for his own and ultimately took his own life−or, like I said, so the story goes.

Now if my husband and I have a disagreement, I could say ‘oh, do we have to go through this again??  With the lifetimes we have shared we have surely resolved this already!’

 It seemed that her ultimate message was for me to be good to my husband.  He had done so much for me over my lifetimes.  Maybe my husband put her up to this.  Could it have been a calculated prank?  No, I am sure no one planned this to trick me.  Seriously, how could she know my connection to writing?  If it was a guess, then it was a good one. 

My husband does not believe any of this and as for me, I am just mystified.  Not believing and not disbelieving.  As I say, it was compelling.  I picture all these souls floating through our celestial hemisphere searching for their mates.  We all have soulmates but unfortunately, some of us spend our lifetime searching. 

If you follow my blog, you know that I do not profess being a good poet or any kind of a poet.  Poets surround me; the desire to express oneself in poetry is contagious.  On Valentine’s Day, I composed a couple of poems for my mate.  My apologies before I share them.  The first poem sounds like something off a Hallmark card.


A soulmate is a person

You cherish your whole life

The one who shares your triumphs

And holds you in the night

You are not afraid to share your dreams

You know he understands

For everything you hope for

Is shared by just one man

The next poem is a favourite of ours.  It will never make it into a poetry chapbook but I will share it with you.

Eternal Love

From the ancient ruins of Greece

Forbidden love blossoms

Soulmates destined to be romantic lovers

Terrestrial spirits soaring from one lifetime to the next

Life-force travelling timelessly through centuries of civilization

Re-uniting in the olive groves of southern Italy

Growing old together once again

Living, loving, procreating

Passion that knows no bounds

Souls that traverse the span of eternal time

Falling in love over and over again

The clairvoyant’s reading was entertaining.  I had never heard of a psychic going off in this direction.  Have any of you had an experience like this with a reading?  I would love to hear about it.

Are you, too, a wandering soul?  I look forward to hearing your experiences.  

Until we meet again...


  1. loved this Phyllis. You are a poet and don't know it....isn't that how the rhyme goes? I, too, have had seer readings that I still remember because they were so so close to reality. Heather

    1. Hi Heather! Fortunately (for everyone), I seldom write poetry. LOL I'm glad you enjoyed this post. This reading certainly took me by surprise and I was even more fascinated hearing about the 'past'.