Monday, October 29, 2012

Writing About Nothing

My eyes dart around the room.  Or are they rolling around in my head?  Not sure.  How do other bloggers manage to write on a regular basis?  Do they ever suffer from Ihavenoideaitis?  I’m trying too hard.  This has only happened to me a couple of times in almost a year of blogging.  Brain overload or brain freeze or call it what you will, there is a problem.

It’s generally my tendency to look at the bright side of everything.  Even though I haven’t come up with a blog, my laundry is finished, my cat has had her pill, and I’ve said good-night to my husband.  In addition to that, while searching the files for a blog idea, I came across a long forgotten short story and promptly proceeded to edit it.  And, oh yes, I went through an older manuscript and decided it probably needed a complete overhaul.  Unfortunately, through all this, no blog subject came to mind. 

I read my date book, and my happy thoughts book, and leafed through a file box of whatnots...Nothing. 

I checked LinkedIn, Facebook, and my email inbox… Nothing. 

I read the Globe and Mail…Nothing.

I looked through my file of quotes for inspiration…Still nothing.

With the advent of Halloween, I considered writing something scary, something about ghosts.  Do I believe in ghosts?  Most definitely.  Still – nothing comes to mind.

I know!!  How about a story on my childhood memories of Halloween −I do have some good ones − but last week’s blog was about childhood memories and well…I just feel it’s too soon to reminisce again this week.

My eyes drift to the pictures, posters, and submission calls that are hanging on the wall above my desk.  Nothing.  I think about what I’ve written during the week.  Nothing.  Well, not exactly nothing, I roughed in a draft for an article.  That’s something.

It was a busy week with emails, posting pictures to Facebook, and meeting with a grief counsellor (this is the second counsellor in two weeks) to discuss a couple of upcoming articles for First Monday magazine.  There was an entertaining day with my granddaughter, not to mention lunch with a friend.  Of course, there was also Bob McCarthy’s book launch.  And, oh, I took my other granddaughter to a Halloween party at The Book keeper in Sarnia where we were entertained by Jayden the Jester and his wonderful magic.  Hmmm…I could use his magic now to produce an entertaining, educational, or thought provoking blog but…..still nothing.

I also started my xmas shopping this week.  Not that it was planned, but seeing the perfect gift, I couldn’t resist.  It has been a productive week…Except there is no blog.


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