Monday, November 12, 2012

Reading and Writing

It felt strange when my long-term project ended.  To have my routine disrupted was disconcerting and I found myself circling, unsure where to land. 

For those of you who follow my writing updates on The Write Break facebook page, you know that I have finished my novel, Bad Seed.  After the initial wave of euphoria, I slowed to a weary, grinding, mind-numbing stop.  Gradually, I’m recovering. 
I will begin sending queries on this psychological thriller in the New Year.  First, I must compose an attention-grabbing query.  Something that will make publishers and agents drop their coffee mugs and shout, Eureka!  That's a bigger challenge than writing the novel!
Speaking of challenges, I am working on a series for the First Monday magazine. A rather bizarre (would you expect any less of me) look at the ritual of obituaries, eulogies, and grief. 
The second article, It’s Your Eulogy – Get it Write, of the tongue-in-cheek series will appear in the December issue of the magazine. The article, Write Your Own Obituary appeared in the November edition. The link to this Up Close and Personal column is on the facebook page.

Following the advice of those close to me, I am taking a bit of time before diving into a new novel.  An upcoming retreat will clear my head for the next challenge.  The timing is excellent.  Yes, a few days away are always good for rejuvenating the mind and soul.  Naturally, I’m looking forward to the solitude.

In the meantime, I would like to catch up on my reading.  Two writers whom I’ve met online have just released new books.  Audrey Austin, from Elliott Lake, Ontario, just celebrated the release of her book, Ellen and The Hummingtree.  If the initial reviews are to be believed, it’s a winner.  I must order it immediately. 

Terry W. Ervin II just released a book of short fiction entitled, Genre Shotgun.  Couldn’t resist that book after reading about it on his blog, Up Around the Corner.  Keep an eye on future posts of The Write Break for my review of both Terry and Audrey’s publications. 

A Canadian publisher is currently considering my collection of stories.  It could be several more months before I find out whether the manuscript will make their published books list this year.  Fingers and toes crossed! 

I’m still hearing laments that readers can’t leave a comment on my blog.  (I understand, as I have problems at times leaving a comment on other blogs).  Well, my friends, there is a way around that glitch. 

  • Scroll up to the beginning of this blog.  There is a facebook ad on both sidebars.  These links will take you directly to the The Write Break facebook page.  Click on one of them. 
  • Now you are on the facebook page. Click on LIKE.  (It's near the top of the page.)  The Like will change to Liked! That’s it! 

Okay, now you will receive my writing updates on your facebook home page, you can check the site anytime, AND you can easily leave as many comments as you like, post a message to me, or share your thoughts!

It will be awesome to see you there!! 


  1. When I brought my cursor up to the Liked button on your page there was a drop down bar. I checked off the items under there and Voila, I now get your blog as well as any news from this page on my news feed. Finally, we have figured out this issue. Enjoyed your blog today. Have a great day!!

    1. Thank you so much for letting us know. I am sure this information will help others. Hope to hear from you on facebook !!