Monday, January 07, 2013

2013 Write on Target!

I’m baaaaack...  and guess what??  My blogger stats are through the roof!  Thousands are reading my blog and comments by the hundreds have been coming in from France, Poland, Slovakia, Malaysia!!  Yeah, you guessed it...spam.  My stats reports are crazy. They look awesome but I know they're crazy.  If there are any bloggers out there who know how I can correct that, let me know. 

In the meantime, by running previously published posts on my blog these past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed a luxurious timeout for the holiday.  It felt like the best Christmas ever.  I even enjoyed shopping − something I rarely enjoy.  The gifts I purchased seemed to have hit their mark.  Each year I strive to please everyone and that usually spells disappointment. 

This Christmas everything seemed to fall into place.  I cherished the time with my family and even managed a few extra days with the grandchildren.  They bring laughter – theirs and mine – into the house with each visit.  That was especially important this last year.  

Now, here we are in 2013!!  Even though I am happy to see 2012 end, I’m in a holding pattern − hovering and flitting around the edges of the New Year − not ready to embrace it. 

Last year started out with the loss of both a family member and a cherished friend within a couple of days of each other in January.  The year ended in much the same way.  Not only did I lose loved ones, but several of my friends lost precious family, too.  A deep sadness for everyone.  Soooo... here’s to a year of healing.

That said I must make an effort to move on and get back into a productive routine.  Perhaps I should be thinking of my next book.  Something tells me it will be another suspense.  I LOVED writing Bad Seed. 

I also must catch up on my reading!!  I have several books on the nightstand that I pat affectionately now and then but just can’t get into.  I apologize to Audrey Austin and Terry W. Ervin as I promised to review their books in this blog.  Sorry it is taking so long.

During the busy holiday time, the library called with David Baldacci’s latest book, The Forgotten.  Strangely enough, I immediately immersed myself into the story.  Couldn’t stop reading until I finished the book.  What a relief.  For weeks, I felt too distracted to read.  If I can lose myself in a book, I’m almost back to normal.  Almost ready to embrace the New Year.