Monday, February 25, 2013

Re-Write the Oscars

What a disaster!  Though normally not one to watch the Oscars – this being the first show in years that I planned to see –like millions of others, I tuned in to check out the dress designs and hear the acceptance speeches.  What was I thinking?

I’m not an avid moviegoer, but I enjoyed a few shows this year.  Watching television is not a big part of my routine either, so I was unfamiliar with some of the ‘big’ stars.  

Speaking of big, it appeared that the majority of the actresses were six feet tall or over.  Amazing because they don’t appear to be that tall in the movies.  Initially, I thought the interviewer was extraordinarily short but then noticed that the celebrities dwarfed most of the network people.  These women were amazons standing next to them.  Even many of the wives and girlfriends towered over their celebrity husbands/dates. 

The majority of the female stars were in incredibly fit condition.  How do they stay so slim??  They emitted stunning Hollywood glamour in their sleek body moulding dresses.  To me, movie star glamour is what it’s all about.

Naomi Watts got a thumbs up from me on her stunning design.  Fashion gurus gave her dress a thumbs down.  No accounting for taste.  Some of the fashions were definite hits and, unfortunately, others left a lot to be desired. 

I’m glad I caught the red carpet segment because, in my opinion, that was the best part of the show.

Seth MacFarlane’s opening was so bizarre –so distasteful – it took restraint not to turn off the television before a single winner was announced.  William Shatner was the best part of the opening, but even he couldn’t save it.  Did the in-house audience really expect something that off-the-wall?  I expected everyone – or at least a few – to get up and walk out.

The show didn’t really improve much.  Shirley Bassie’s performance was an embarrassment.  Goldfinger will never be the same.  I cringed.  Yes, watching the show was one long and uncomfortable squirm. 

I can’t comment on much else because at that point I decided that hearing Affleck’s acceptance speech wasn’t worth the torture.  Speaking of torture, Ben Affleck must have had some awkward moments after the movie Argo was released.  Canadians are nice guys, but even nice guys speak up when they are misrepresented. 

I had seen the movie Argo, but hadn’t realized how Affleck twisted history until I heard interviews with Ken Taylor and other Canadians involved in the rescue of the Americans.  I found it incredible that Affleck had not spoken to Ken Taylor, or to my knowledge any of the Canadians involved, before the movie was made.  Ben Affleck, shame on you. 

Even former President Carter chastised the movie’s depiction of events saying, “90 percent of the contributions to the ideas and the consummation of the plan was Canadian.  And the movie gives almost full credit to the American CIA.”  Way to go, Carter!

Because of the hoopla when the movie was released, I wondered if Affleck would say something during the acceptance speech – if he won – as an apology to the Canadians.  Not much Affleck can do about this injustice after the fact.  It’s too bad because it will always reflect poorly on his work.  Well, maybe just from the Canadian viewpoint.

The whole Oscar evening was a wash for me.  Thankfully, I didn’t have company over to watch the show with me, as was my original intention.  I was able to shut off the TV and go to bed. 

To think, I could have been curled up with a good book!!


  1. Hey Phyllis,

    This was the first year I watched the Oscars in a long time. The interviewer during the red carpet was incredibly short (4'11"), so standing beside the Amazons made them look even taller. Adele looked like something from the new movie "Jack and the Giant."

    Much hype surrounded MacFarland as host, and I was thoroughly disappointed. I'm even a fan and stuff still made me cringe. They were talking about how he had been working on that for five sucked.

    Just wanted to pop by and see the place.

    1. Mike, normally I say ‘thanks for stopping by’ but I feel like someone has dropped in and I’m in my pyjamas with the vacuum sitting in the middle of the floor. Haha I’ve been trying to work on my site but got stuck (blogger technical difficulties) and part of my format disappeared and well....I couldn’t do anything about it. Enough whining! Thanks so much for your comments, Mike, and I hope you’ll stop by again. Next time, I’ll have the place cleaned up.

    2. Phyllis, don't sweat it (but I know exactly how you feel, sorry to stop by unannounced). I saw where blogger was having issues and caught you in the middle of something and you couldn't fix it.

      That's like my WP blog...I didn't want to put my "change of address" out there until it was all perfect, but I finally did anyway. There's still much to do, but I've been able to sweep things under the rug and make apologies for the move-in mess. I really did enjoy tweaking my Blogger blog. Blogger really is much friendlier when it comes to making it "your own."

      I'm trying to finish up my last post at Blogger now. Then...I'll be closing escrow on the place. Oh...did you realize your word verification is on?

    3. Mike, I didn't have much choice about the word verification, I was being spammed bigtime. Word verification put a stop to that problem.