Thursday, July 11, 2013

Absorbed in a World of Fiction

Sorry about the bologna sandwiches. I didn’t get to the store for groceries. I’ve been busy working. Well no, I didn’t get a job but I still write. Pardon? Oh, um, I’m writing another novel. I get so caught up in my story and my writing and all those crazy characters that time just runs away with itself. Seems like everything else just slips my mind. Why yes, I knew you were coming but those weeks just sort of flew right by. Another dill? Mustard? Of course, here you are. I’m sure there’s enough left. Just give it a big squeeze. Oh, a little messy, but there you are.

As I was saying, I write. I’ve been working on a short story for a contest. So much editing. Well, I try. Yes, it sure takes up a lot of my time. And then there are the book reviews I submit. Of course I have to read the books first. Reading. I used to read for hours and hours. Days. Now, I try to fit in a bit of reading each week. The pleasure reading, you know. Oh, yes, certainly, reading is always pleasurable but there’s a difference between reading, say a book for a review or one written by a friend, and curling up with a juicy murder mystery and a big bowl of popcorn...say, would anyone like popcorn?

Oh, that’s our cat. She’s a Persian but she has a lion cut right now. I guess she does look strange, yes. It does look like a lion’s tail. No, I think she likes it. Her fur doesn’t get all matted when she’s shaved like that. No, no, we have her groomed just a couple of times a year.

Here, let me help. I have a lint brush somewhere. Yes, we have a cat and a dog. Dog hair, you know how it is. No? Ah well, she likes to sleep on the couch. That would be why. And the bed. No special place. She moves around. She’s sweet though, don’t you think?

I’m not sure about Lex. Could be part shepherd, beagle. She’s, you know, a sweet little mutt. Yes, you’re right. A sweet, hairy, little mutt. Another sandwich? No? Really? I thought you were spending the night. A weekend visit is what you mentioned on the phone. Say, how about taking a drive to town. We could get a sno cone or ice cream bar for dessert. How about it folks?

Okay, I understand. If this is about the bologna sandwiches, I just remembered I have some chuckwagon chili in the freezer. And if I’m not mistaken, I have some hamburger buns that have been in there for awhile. We should eat those too. I can slap some garlic butter on them and toss them under the broiler. Bet we wouldn’t even notice the freezer burn.

Well, if you insist. Watch your step. Would you look at the way that shrub grew right across the bottom step of the porch. Isn’t that just too crazy. Oh my, I haven’t been out for awhile. Is it always this warm? Must be the humidity that made those thistles grow so big. I’ve got one of those little pruning saws. That might cut through it. Eventually.

No, thank you. Great visit. Stop by again when you can stay longer. I’ll be finished my novel soon and then I’ll take a break. Get groceries. I’m sure that store is still open at the plaza. Do some gardening. Whoa, would you look at that. What is that thing?

Okay then, bye. So long, folks.


  1. Only so much time to read, write, and do everything else in life. By the way, this post reminded me, I need to trim some of the bushes around my yard too.

    1. Terry, though this story was based on fear, not fact, however hard I strive for balance, it's unattainable.
      By the way, I had twelve for dinner yesterday and there wasn't a bologna sandwich in sight. hahaha Now, for some gardening...

  2. Love it! Absolutely love it. The truth hits me in the face. Real life sure does get in the way of a writer's life. (hugs)

    1. Thanks Audrey. I was feeling frustrated when I wrote this. Why can't I have it all? How do I get so absorbed in my writing that I miss what's happening in the 'outside' world. I'm glad other writers can relate.