Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Season-New Writing Space

Writers talk a lot about their writing space. How important is it? I’ve trailed through the house writing in every room but one. This summer I spent most of my time parked in front of the window in the living room, my computer balanced on my lap. I loved the view.

It’s time for a change-up and I’m thinking of going back to the storage room. That’s right. A couple of years ago, I complained about the interruptions and distractions of working in the main floor office and my husband suggested using the desk in the large storage area in the basement. There were no windows and there was a heavy oak door to shut out all household distractions. He was right. It was a great place to work. For a time. I’m the kind of person who likes a change of scene now and then. It gives me a boost when I re-decorate, re-arrange furniture, or introduce new pieces.

Now, with the change of season and a new writing project just around the corner, I decided to move back to my writing space in the storage room.  Yesterday I checked out the situation. Oh my. All summer I’d been tossing things onto the desk. Filing, sewing, magazines, books, dolls without heads. Well everything that needed attention but could wait until I had the time to deal with it.

With a huge sigh and the urge to run, I tackled the job.  One third of the room is available to me. The rest is stacked with Christmas decorations, not-ready-to-throw-out-yet items, and baby paraphernalia−that I would be more than happy to pass along to a new grandma, a trunk filled with off-season clothes, and, and, and.

Okay, so I looked at my third of the room. Unfortunately, the first thing I had to do was clean off the top of the desk. I hate that job but an idea started to take hold and I began working with a little more enthusiasm.

 There was a long Christmas tree box that had to remain in my ‘space’. I covered it with a narrow patchwork quilt and added a couple of decorative pillows. Looks like a bench seat (don’t sit on it).

It was hard work moving a seven foot desk away from the wall to the centre of my space. It was even harder unrolling an area rug under the heavy desk. Then I came across the matching runner. That was easy.  
I commandeered an old oak coffee table, already in the storage room, and placed it along the wall behind the desk as a catch all. Hauling a wing chair from the family room to use in the corner of my ‘new’ office wasn’t too difficult. Oh, and I found a little end table and then plucked a small table lamp from another room. Yep, things shaped up and, overall, I’m pleased with the results.
Except for the printer and my laptop, the desk is completely clear –for now. Oh, there is a small vase with some colourful silk pansies, and a couple of rocks. I like rocks. And my good luck charm−an old girl who is supposed to be my guardian angel.
I’ve set a date to begin my new project−October 7th. On that day−and not before−I will settle into my re-furbished space and begin a new season of writing.


  1. Hope the new writing spot adds to your productivity. For me, luckily, it doesn't matter too much where I write. I'm pretty good at ignoring things around me while writing.

    1. Oh I can ignore and tune out everything but the cat and dog . They-re kind of like kids. They only demand attention when I'm on the phone or have a hot storyline leaking from my fingers. That's when Tiki wants her dish filled. The dog wants a treat or wants outside. After I give up waiting at the door for her and go back to my work, she wants in. When I'm tucked away with the door closed, they forget me or else they just don't realize I'm busy. Also, when I'm downstairs with the door closed, I don't hear my husband calling out that he can't find any socks! But mostly I can ignore that.