Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cuddles, Coos, and other Writerly Distractions

'Do you love sitting with mommy? Do you? Tiki leans into me purring on all cylinders. 

As quick as that, I was reminded of those television commercials of the cat owners cooing to their pets. In one case the conference phone line is still open, and in another a woman is on the floor with her pussy cat while a little girl stands in the open doorway waiting for payment of the cookies she’s selling.
17 yr old Tiki with her summer lion cut

Tiki, her summer cut outgrown and her fur long and silky again, kept meowing at the side of my chair. Her paws tapping my leg. Yes, I forgot to close that heavy oak door which allows me peace and quiet to work. Finally, I reached down and lifted her onto my lap. Hence the conversation I felt obliged to share with you.
A little purring and a short cuddle wouldn’t hurt anyone but it did manage to distract me. First it was the thought of those hilarious TV commercials−what were they selling anyway, cat food? Not sure.

But this coo and cuddle distracted me from my current project, the re-working of a memoir. An undertaking that has been going surprisingly well. (Think about it, here I am blogging instead of, you know, working.)
17 yr old Tiki

 I’m trying to play catchup with my work. I took a few days off for Thanksgiving (Canadian, eh) and the fall fair. There were a couple of appointments, and then a shopping and movie fix with my bestie, (awesome boots and jeans, and oh, the purse−love the purse, and I really enjoyed seeing Rush) and finally I’m back at the desk.

Tiki’s left the office now. That’s the way it is with cats. They come, they disturb, and they leave. Sometimes she wakes me in the morning, jumping on the bed, walking across my sleeping body, and crying–which is how I describe her meows−until I’m fully awake. When I get up, she curls into my spot to sleep. At times when I’m on the phone, people mistakenly think her mewings are a baby crying.

She’s back now, again tapping and screeching until I snuggle her in my lap.  She has food and water. I know that for certain.  I cleaned her litter box last night. So what’s her problem? It’s okay, I can type with her on my lap. I’m doing it now, but she never stays put. Pets are so much like children.

I have to chase my dog around the house to get her outside but the minute I’m on the phone, she goes to the door and whines. So what’s with that? When my pets were younger they’d wait until I got on the phone to chase each other. Around my ankles! Until I’d excuse myself from the phone and put the run to both of them. I love them dearly which is why they’re allowed to continue interrupting my work, demanding my attention, and …hey, I guess it’s not so different than having kids around.

I’d better get back to work. Only two more days and it’s Nana day!! J


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