Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Celebrating Life

For your sake, I wish this picture were a scratch and sniff….fresh thyme, sage, rosemary, and garlic.
Ready for the oven and smelling
The aroma greeted the guests at the front door – if not in the driveway. It had been ages since I prepared a meal for company and I loved every minute.

I should be be writing something writerly. This is my 100th blog. That very fact kept me from posting until now. I should be writing something significant – meaningful – for this post. But what? The description of my blog is ‘musings of a writer’, which means I can write anything that comes into my mind. The possibilities are endless.

Stalling, I take a moment and look at the items on my desk for some inspirational vibes. There’s a ceramic snowman with a bulbous nose. A fat candle surrounded by smiling snowmen, my ereader, two stacks of books, a camera, my cell phone, a whole slew of highlighters in various colours...but no coffee – a coffee would be good.

A reminder to sauté the apples and thyme.
My memory doesn't improve with age.
I just celebrated a birthday and the warm wishes of friends and family are occupying my mind. The subject isn’t writerly, perhaps, but this is what I’m musing about today.
Rather than go out, I preferred to cook dinner for a couple of long-time friends, and for my son and his family. It wouldn’t be a life celebration without the people who mean the most in my life. Circumstance prevented other special friends from attending, though they were in my thoughts.
The next day, following a birthday visit from one of my besties, I lay snuggled in a blanket watching old movies with hubby, and snacking on fresh fruit. Warmed not only by the fireplace, but also by the birthday wishes popping up on facebook. My only exertion was a trip to the kitchen to warm up a plate of leftovers. Indeed, a lazy day.

My husband teases that my birthday celebrations last longer each year. He’s right. I like to milk at least three or four days out of them. Unfortunately, I had to postpone lunch with a friend today or I would be out there celebrating right now.

My birthday and Christmas are synonymous with dinners, gifts, catching up with old friends, and remembering.

I received a birthday card in the mail from a childhood friend. My husband forgot to give it to me when it arrived yesterday and I spotted it just before bedtime. Glitter sprinkled onto the table as I pulled the card from its envelope. In part, she wrote, ‘Over fifty years of friendship – not many are so blessed…from your life-long friend…
It felt like a warm hug.

Perfect way to end the day.




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