Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Training a Husband and a Dog

My husband insists that since our dog is a member of the family, we should allow her to sit or sleep wherever she feels comfortable. For eight years, she’s been doing just that. I’m exasperated with vacuuming dog hair off EVERYTHING.

When Lexus was a puppy, I expected my husband’s cooperation in training her to stay off the bed and furniture. My husband didn’t understand why I was making a fuss. A dog needs her very own space, I told him. Hmmm, how about a dog bed. Something that offers a feeling of security. He laughed. After all, a dog sleeping on the bed with her two masters is a pretty secure position. Believe me, if I didn’t love Lex, she would have been banned from the house altogether. She sheds copiously!

Now that we have renovated our living room and ordered new furniture, I’m stressing about the dog coming in the house after rolling around outside and plopping herself down on our new sofa. I started on the subject of a dog bed again. My husband insisted Lex was too old to get used to a dog bed now. Besides, it would upset her to be suddenly banned from the furniture. And we definitely should not upset our dog. What about me, I wanted to know. Besides, Lex is the most easily trained dog I know.

Right or wrong, I did it. I bought a beauty of a dog bed. Gel moulded cushion to form to her own contours. It’s better than our mattress. Petsmart gave me a 60 day approval. Shocking but appreciated. She’ll either use it or I’ll take it back.

She won’t go in it, my husband said. He looked smug. I put the dog bed in the living room near the window. We watched and waited. Lex sniffed and then sniffed some more. She walked away. My husband smiled. Or not. But I think he did.

That evening we were back in the living room and we called to Lex. As usual, she was stretched out on our bed having a snooze. She joined us and once again sniffed at the extra large deluxe dog bed. I held my breath as she put one paw into the bed. Then she stepped back. I immediately crossed the room and patted the luxurious bed. No dice. Not ready to give up, I grabbed the peach-coloured throw off the couch and laid it across the new bed. After all, she slept on this throw all the time. She sniffed the new bed again. She needs time to get used to it, I said, feeling confident.

Involved in conversation, we stopped watching Lex. Then we noticed. She was curled up in the bed. I smiled. My husband stared in disbelief and with what I think was a tinge of disappointment. That’s when I gave him the pep talk. We have to work together on this. She’s not allowed on the furniture. Okay? He again argued about her age and the unfairness of changing the rules now. I kept pointing out how smart and obedient Lex is and that she must be so relieved to have finally earned her own bed. I’m not sure I’ve convinced Marv, but Lex looks pretty content.


  1. Thank you for your very entertaining article on the dog bed and the dog. I was chuckling and enjoyed reading it very much. I, too, am an animal lover and have the same problem with hair. I learned of your site through Debbie's website.

    1. Hi Wilma! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments. It's a good thing our pets are so lovable, otherwise ...
      I shared another article on my facebook page www.facebook.com/TheWriteBreak (can be accessed from this blog site) that concerns a long winter, a stubborn husband, and a hairy dog, A Write to be Grumpy. You might find that amusing as well.