Monday, July 23, 2012

A Write Royal Affair

You want me to what?  Her request took me by surprise.  It’ll be fun, she insisted.  The more animated she became; the more I accepted the idea.  Yes, I suppose it could be fun. 

Later, while relating the matter to an amused friend, I pondered my impulsiveness.  Did I really want to do this?  What if no other adult in attendance followed the owner’s suggestion?  What if I was the only one? 

The owner of the Tearoom recommended I leave the tickets with her until the day of the party.  Was that to prevent me from giving the tickets to a grandmother who would not cringe at going out in public dressed as a glittery princess? 

The glitterier the better, she cooed.  My look must have betrayed my doubts because she gushed over all the things I could wear.  Look for an old bridesmaid dress.  Does your wedding dress still fit, she asked, her eyebrows raised in hopeful expectation?  My eyebrows rose also−one at a time.

I expected that Sophie would dress for the occasion.  Her princess dress is in the guest room. There’s something about the sight of it hanging in an otherwise empty closet that makes me want to grab my camera and capture the image.  One satiny gown awaiting a princess.   A story in the making...

Each time Sophie visits, she vanishes to the bedroom closing the door behind her.  I imagine her gently tugging the dress down off the hanger.  Opening the dresser, she finds her tiara and wand.  Her plastic maribou trimmed shoes.  Bracelets and sparkling necklace.  When the door opens, a princess emerges. 

Little girls always love playing dress up.  In my day, I had only to raid my mother’s trunk of old clothes.  I remember the clomping sound of my high heels along the sidewalk as I wheeled my doll buggy up the street.  My vision obscured by the brim of my hat.  The fur collar sliding off my shoulders.  

You can understand why I jumped at the chance to take my granddaughter to a real Princess Tea Party!  But who would have imagined that the adults would also need to dress the part? 

Make sure she has toonies and loonies she said.  There will be booths she can visit to buy things.  Huh?  We’ll play princess games – that should be interesting.  Then we will enter the Tearoom.  Her eyes sparkled when she spoke of the royal decorations.  We will have a decadent chocolate dessert and a cold drink.  Then everyone will leave, she said.

Hmmm...Sophie doesn’t like chocolate very much.  Her favourite snack is cucumbers.  She loves fruit – but not chocolate dessert.  What happened to little finger sandwiches?  Something dainty for a princess.   I’m sure the organizers know better than I do what little princesses like to eat.

An actress from the theatre group will be appearing as a princess.  Bring your camera, she reminded me.  Sophie will be enchanted. 

The owner of the Tearoom could not be faulted for lack of enthusiasm.  She was very much looking forward to her first ever of three sold out Princess Tea Parties.  You will be getting dressed up with your granddaughter, she crooned.  Your Sophie will be so excited. 

Would I have been excited if my grandmother had dressed in a plastic tiara and maribou slippers to take me to a tea party?  I don’t know. 

The thought of a wide-brimmed hat and a fur collar or stole does bring a wistful smile to my face.  Perhaps the appeal of playing dress up doesn't diminish with age. 

What do you think?  Should I don glittery jewellery and a bargain store prom dress? 


  1. Do it Aunt Phyllis and be sure to take lots of pictures. You only live once, what the hell??!!


    1. You are right, Stacy! We should never pass up an opportunity to have fun. A reader contacted me saying she may have something for me to wear. Oooohhh! Yes, lots of pictures.

  2. Phyllis, totally enjoyed the princess outing. Can see you now - all dressed up as the fairy godmother. Good going, Grandma!

    1. Not sure if I will look like a fairy godmother or the wicked witch of the west. hahaha... Thanks for your comment, Barb!