Monday, July 09, 2012

It's Your Write to Express an Opinion

Listen up.  It’s Sunday night and I am trying to think of an entertaining, enlightening, inspirational, and mind-blowing blog post.

Two cups of coffee and a dish of ice cream later and I’m no wiser.  Although the hazelnut cream coffee and heavenly hash ice cream were delish, they offered me no insight.

Out of curiosity, I googled the most popular topics for blogs.  Are they serious?  Finance, technology, and I’ve forgotten the other two subjects.  Boor-ring!

They also suggested that successful blogs are two-way conversations.  Hmmm....two-way conversations.  Yeah, I’ve never been good with those.

I came upon something else that hit a nerve.  Comments!  Or lack of them.  But...but... I sputter, I do get emails and comments on my facebook accounts.  People say the loveliest things, I murmur.

However, I don’t get many comments on my blog site.  People have asked, did you see it?   No, I say.   I left one, they insist.  It’s frustrating. 

Then it happened to me.  I read someone’s blog post and loved it.  I typed my comment, clicked on preview, and then publish.  The comment disappeared.  I tried again.  I tried again.  I tried again.  Nuts to that, I said. 

So now I understand.  You tried to comment on my blog post.  It didn’t work.  I could possibly have hundreds of comments, if the comment gadget worked.  Okay, not hundreds.

I edited all my blogger comment settings hoping to fix the glitch.  I’m not really sure it was a glitch, or if what I did actually fixed anything.  That’s what I’m hoping to find out this week.  If you are still unsuccessful, let me know by email or on facebook.

Some readers claim that a google account is required to leave a comment.  Try this; check off the anonymous option.  Absolutely everyone can leave a comment with that option.  Although, if you don’t sign your name I may die of curiosity.

Things are looking up though.  Last week I had SIX emotion checks.  You know what emotion checks are.  Right below the blog post it says Emotion:  followed by check boxes.  Anyway, six people indicated their reaction to my post.  Two said it was thought provoking, three said interesting, and one person found it entertaining.  I can change those emotion descriptions to whatever.  If something else would better suit your reactions to my blog, let me know.

Research also indicated that to get more comments, You must be controversial.  Say something outrageous that they must debate.  Something they can’t let you get away with.  Me? Say something outrageous?  I’d have to work on that.

The expert went on to say that some people are not comfortable leaving comments unless they have subscribed to the site.  Well, be my guest. Click on Follow This Blog on the Networkd Blogs gadget on the right sidebar of my page.  I do have subscribers on the left sidebar under Join This Site but you can do both.  I don’t think it is necessary to have a google account to support me on Networkd Blogs.  Try it!

I’ve also learned that I must leave the reader with a question to encourage a comment.  Something controversial.  Hmmm... 

Okay, I’ve got it!  Something close to our hearts. you prefer screw caps, plastic, or cork?????? 


  1. Click on the appropriate emotion block. 
  2. Leave your comment on this most controversial subject and/or anything else you wish to say.
  3. Show your support by ‘following me’ (no, you won’t receive emails of my blog or anything else for that matter.) 

I’m so excited.  I can hardly wait.  Maybe I’ll have a glass of wine.  Oh darn, where’s that corkscrew?


  1. it's so - it's so...... international lol
    luv lynnie

  2. Replies
    1. ahhhhhhh, now I understand. Yes, I agree. Thank you so much for responding to my poll.

  3. I prefer a cork, but I don't mind the plastic corks, as they look real, and provide a better air seal.

    Lynn's friend Roger

    1. Hi Roger, thanks for visiting my site. An extra thanks for sharing your view. :)

  4. Prefer the screw cap, easy and it isn't depleting all the cork in the world! We are sadly running out! Not exactly environmentaly friendly either.


    1. Right, Stacy. And with a screw cap it is easy to have a single glass of wine. There's just something about uncorking a bottle!

  5. I prefer the plastic stopper with the wire retainer and the tinfoil seal.

    1. Ahhh, you like the effervescents! And no bits of cork clinging to the side of the glass.

  6. It seems that the anonymous comment option does work. This should solve the dilemma that some of my readers have encountered when trying to leave a comment on the blog. Anyone and everyone can respond by choosing this option.
    When bloggers leave a comment, Louis for example, a reader can click on his name to be taken directly to his site. Neat!
    Thank you to those who take a moment to comment.

  7. Writer Dave Here.
    I find it's like pulling teeth to get people to comment on my blog!
    Only 50% of my readers do.
    So there's a lot of people out there I never get to know!

    1. Hi Dave. 50% is not a bad average. I can tell by the comments on your blog that your readers enjoy your posts! I know that I do.

  8. I love the corked bottles because it is one of the greatest looks having the wine bottle between your legs trying with all your might to get the cork out.....LOL But I do prefer the screw cap myself.....easy especially for picnics!!!

  9. Have you ever detected a wine gone bad by smelling the cork? I have. Does that mean we will be sniffing screw caps now???? No, wait. That won't work. Just be sure your buddy has the first sip! Hope you have lots of picnics this summer, Stephanie. Here's to you...