Saturday, April 26, 2014

More Books for my Library

Following my second trip in recent weeks to our local bookstore, The Bookkeeper, I have to clear some space on my shelves to make room for new editions.

Aside from books for my granddaughters, ages three and six, I came home with 1300 Moons, the only fiction of the four or five books written by local historian David D Plain. David’s a well-respected author whom I’ve had the opportunity to chat with at writers’ events in our community. I’m looking forward to reading his work.

It was tough deciding which of Vicki Delany’s books I should purchase from her Klondike Mystery series. Ultimately, Gold Mountain made it to the checkout. Vicki is the Guest of Honour at the upcoming Bloody Words conference I’ll be attending in June.

I’d finally ordered the two books that had been on my ‘to buy list’ forever and was happy to see they had arrived. A librarian introduced me to Elizabeth Berg’s writing several years ago. The first book I read was The Pull of the Moon and I’ve been a fan ever since. Having read that book several times and recommended it to all my friends, I thought it deserved a spot in my library. Elizabeth Berg seems like the kind of person who would make a wonderful friend. I’m so comfortable when I’m with her…well, reading her books. You know what I mean.

The second must-have book that came in on my order is Scattered Light by Jean Rae Baxter. I believe I initially borrowed this book from the library having read an earlier anthology loaned to me by a friend. I love Baxter’s writing. I love her mind. Diabolical! Much like Linwood Barclay’s. If you read my review of Barclay’s The Accident you know how I feel about his writing. You didn’t read my review? Here it is.  I blogged about Jean’s work too. You can check it out here. Jean Rae Baxter had been a longtime member of Crime Writers of Canada but I understand she no longer writes crime. Now, that’s the biggest crime! Short stories are a challenge for me and I suppose that’s one of the reasons I admire her work so very much. I definitely needed this anthology in my library of books-I-love.

I read Janet Bolin’s first book of the Threadville series and purchased the second of the series, Threaded for Trouble. Yep, I blogged about Janet's Cozy Mystery series here. Also waiting for me was the first book in Gail Bowen’s Kilbourn series. I love mysteries! Both Gail and Janet will be panelists at the Sarnia GenreCon on May 10th and I’m looking forward to meeting them. I blogged about a GenreCon I attended a couple of years ago. Here's my tongue-in-cheek opinion. 
Last September I was thrilled to participate in the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival where I met three of my favourite authors. I shared my experience here. I took my copy of Ania Szado’s book, Beginning of Was, to be signed. She was very sweet. Now I have her latest book, Studio Saint-Ex! I think it was the cover that initially caught my attention. Yes, book covers are the singularly most important advertisement.

Ahhh, so many wonderful books to read. Think I’ll get right on that.


  1. The bookshelves at our home are overflowing...and sometimes we have to get rid of a couple of 'treasured ones' to get a few new ones.

    Enjoy reading!

    1. It's a shame to get rid of books, isn't it. So many of my keepers are signed copies and I know I could never part with them. Your book, Genre Shotgun, is on my ereader - not signed - but protected. Yep, it's a keeper.

  2. Ebooks do save space, that's for sure. But you're right, they can't be signed, and in some ways that makes them a bit less cool. Maybe some day there will be good signing software out there.